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Welcome to Sequence Scripts

Sequence Scripts brings you Social, Easy and Popular Sequence Scripts Thanks for your visit to these pages. I've collected handwritten, typed, and bits and pieces of old scripts and scribbled down details of older Sequence dances over the years, and would like to pass this stuff on so that you too can enjoy Dancing in Sequence. In Britain and abroad, there are many Clubs that specialise in teaching all the new sequence dances as soon as they come out, but that's not what I'm into here. This site is for folks who want to dance the older dances, but don't know where to start in finding details or scripts for these.

If you're looking for scripts for the new Modern Sequence Dances, look on the Sequence Links page for the link to script services. I don't, and cannot supply them, Modern Sequence Dance scripts are covered by Copyrights Laws.

The Scripts here are original works prepared from sight and personal notes, plus notes kindly supplied by intetrested dancers and therefore any similarities to any previously available Scripts are purely coincidental and come about as a result of using standard descriptive terms and reference works.

If you're interested in a bit of heavier reading about Scripts, there's 34 pages of A4 size at


written by Jim Farmer, with his in depth interpretation of diagrams, general details, holds and more!

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Android Tablets and Phones

I've been told that the "FULL SCRIPT PAGES" don't display well in Android driven Tablets, PC's and Phones. This may be due to the very heavy use of TABLES to format the scripts. There are two easy things to try, either refresh the page in a few seconds when it stops displaying, or g-turn the tablet so that the display changes to the upright page and turn it back again. This works with Phones and Tablets, tried by my grandkids and reported back


Easy, Popular and Socail Sequence Dancing

Sequence dancing is a wonderful hobby that can be enjoyed by partners, husband and wife or simply dance partners. Sequence Scripts is here to help you with some starting advice, and how to dance the lovely old Sequence Dances by finding old scripts for the older very popular social sequence dances

Making up a Fun Programme for a Special Night

Ian sent me a note about his "Sequence Bingo" nights. Simple Fun idea - make up a listing of 90 dances that your club can do or does regularly and number them 1 to 90. Then draw out random Bingo numbers to make up your programme! As Ian says, saves you being accused of picking your personal favourites all the time. I gave it a trial and it's a great idea for a fun or a special night!

Social Sequence Dances

Easy Sequence Dances of the older type are often very quick and easy to learn, and since the Man knows his own steps, and the Lady knows her steps, even folks who don't usually dance together can do easy, social and popular sequence dances without hours of practice and tuition, although a few lessons wouldn't ever go wrong. Social Sequence Dance Clubs mostly have a program of about forty to ninety or so easy and popular older dances that get repeated and cycled round steadily every few weeks. If you are new to Sequence Dance, that gives you plenty time to learn the dances.

Old Time Dances

A number of the Popular Sequence Dances have been around for a long time, up to 50 years or more. Some include elements straight out of Old Time dancing, others lean more towards the Modern and Latin dances. Just to coonfuse you, what used to be called Old Time is now called Classical Sequence. As well, some of the older dances I've got here are a mixture of Old Time and Modern steps, and some dances were written or arranged by local Dance Leaders or Teachers and their original details and dates are uncertain.

If you know who wrote or arranged any of these "Origin Unknown" dances, please send me an e-mail with the details so I can give credit where credit is due.


From Observation Scripts

I'm no script writing expert. Some of the scripts here are from notes I've scribbled down in notebooks and on pieces of paper. If I've got things wrong, then let me know and I'll try to put things right. Some older dances don't use the newer names for the steps, some very old Latin dances don't use normal Latin steps or style. Where I can, I've tried to update these a bit without losing the original dance, again, If I've got that wrong, tell me and I'll put it right. Each dance has an introduction page where I've listed anything else I know about variations to the original script, and suggested music to give a different flavor or rythm to the dance.

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